Oh, Noes! It’s Tim Tebow!

Oh, noes!  Tim Tebow is now a New York Jet and he is one of the worst examples of a self-righteous Christian I have ever seen playing a major sport and he’s taking center stage in my beloved Big Apple:

University of Florida football quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow is the worst kind of Christian:  Self-promoting, crass, entitled, fragile, haughty, and invoking the sacred right of Crybabyism when God doesn’t answer his prayers.  During every football game, Tebow advertises his public love of God in quaint Bible verses printed on homemade eyeblack patches.  Each week his his mommy sends him a list of quotes to use.

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More Chemtrails in Guadalajara

Devoted Boles Blogs Network reader and commenter Alison Hermosillo checks in again from Guadalajara to give us a press update concerning our ongoing coverage of “Contrails into Chemtrails” —

Hello again,

This time, i’m sending you an article on the newspaper MILENIO, here in Guadalajara, Mexico.

It’s in spanish, and says nothing “new,” mostly argues the point or better said, question on how it is weird that no authority, news media, or even investigator has gone into the topic of our skies beeing “seeded” with the contrails “chemtrails.”

Give it a look, I thought it was nice to find 😉



Look for “Nubes de Jets”, by Hector Topete Tovar

The attachment is a scan of the newspaper original.

— here is a copy of the newspaper scan:

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