Oh, noes!  Tim Tebow is now a New York Jet and he is one of the worst examples of a self-righteous Christian I have ever seen playing a major sport and he’s taking center stage in my beloved Big Apple:

University of Florida football quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow is the worst kind of Christian:  Self-promoting, crass, entitled, fragile, haughty, and invoking the sacred right of Crybabyism when God doesn’t answer his prayers.  During every football game, Tebow advertises his public love of God in quaint Bible verses printed on homemade eyeblack patches.  Each week his his mommy sends him a list of quotes to use.

I was so filled with celestial hope and human gratitude when John Elway did the right thing for the National Football League and got rid of the religious Tebow albatross from around the necks of  his Denver Broncos by signing free agent quarterback Peyton Manning.

I had no clue the New York Jets would then be stupid enough sully their franchise, yet again, with the idiot signing of the publicly-kneeling-Christian.

I have no idea how current Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will deal with the Tebowing behind him and it seems like a ridiculous move to bring in a new QB when you just signed your current QB to a long-term contract.

If I were Sanchez, I would ask to be traded.  I’d get out of town before all the caterwauling begins with Tebow on bended knee and the Tea Partiers surrounding your house at night praying for your starting role ouster.

The New York Jets made two bad trades Wednesday in a span of eight hours. Wait, let’s correct that: They made a bad trade and a bad trade worse.

Not only did the Jets give up two draft picks for Tim Tebow, but they coughed up $2.5 million at the 11th hour to satisfy a contract-related disagreement with the Denver Broncos that threatened to blow up the deal — and that money counts against the salary cap.

The Jets never got a chance to chase Peyton Manning, so they saved up their energy for Tebow. It sure looked that way, considering the way they fought for him over a long, surreal day of negotiations — including six hours in which the deal was in limbo.

Now I know why I’m a New York Giants fan: They are a sane franchise with a solid history and present purpose.  The Jets are a silly team with a foolish coach and they have no depth of meaning or managerial integrity.  The Jets ownership values spectacle over substance and that is a losing proposition on any stage.


  1. I am well out of my element here as a person who does not watch American football however it seems like this is more about hype than substance, and that is a shame.

      1. I respected what Tebow did, but the attitude in which he did it? no. It just felt all ‘wrong’.

        1. Right. I think it’s great he believes he is chosen for a special mission, but to so publicly make a PR case for himself as some sort of icon to be followed is unseemly. My wife reminds me, though, that his particular religious beliefs likely require him to be public and braying or he isn’t a “true believer.”

          1. braying. Sometimes a typo can come at the MOST wonderful times!! That how I saw it. WHAT? WHAT? 🙂

            But, I agree with your wife. I think it may be part and parcel of the Promise Keepers mantra. They were/are pretty public about what they do and say.

            Oh well. To each his own, huh?

          2. Yes, absolutely. Don’t bother me, I won’t mind you and vice versa. In the meantime, you bow and pose in public and I’ll write about it. GRIN!

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