The year 2012 went by rather quickly for me — one day at a time, as it were. It was a year of many moments spent with my wife and son and remarkably not too many spent attending concerts and movies as in years prior to Chaim being born — but we are quite okay with it and know that it too shall pass and we will eventually have a sitter over more than once every half a year or so.

Musically speaking, it was a fantastic year. I was privileged to go and see John Darnielle and his band The Mountain Goats play live, which was the only concert that I saw. It was a phenomenal concert and many songs were played from the new record as well as plenty of classic gems from the past.

I rather wanted to see Phish at some point in time but it did not work out — the tickets for their New Year’s concerts in New York sold out quickly and were soon being scalped for a ridiculously large sum of money.

In the realm of movies, there is only one film that I can really mention, even though I saw two — The Avengers and To Rome With Love. I have nothing but the greatest respect for director Woody Allen who writes, directs, and sometimes acts in one year every single year and has done so for well over forty years. So many other of my favorite directors have entirely stopped putting out films — Kevin Smith, one of my favorite directors of all time, is said to be retiring after either the next film he makes or the one after that. The movie To Rome With Love was a delightful set of stories that all tied together fantastically.

On television, I had a few more candidates to consider as far as quality went — it’s easy to switch on the television after Chaim goes to bed and does not require hiring a babysitter. Many of the television programs that we watched are the same as the ones that we watched the previous year, but one in particular stood out to me and not just because of its peculiar name — Don’t Trust The B– in Apartment 23.

I believe that outside of the United States and when it is referred to in less prude publications, the full title is spelled out with a less than pleasant word that rhymes with witch. It is a fantastically funny program about a woman who struggles with living in New York after moving in with a roommate who, at least at first, just wanted to drive her to move out so that she could collect the security deposit. Said roommate, mind you, happens to be friends with none other than Dawson’s Creek’s James Van Der Beek, played brilliantly by the actual James Van Der Beek. Perhaps it was kismet that I wrote this year in review when I did because James Van Der Beek tweeted that he is pretty sure the show is cancelled at this point in time.

I wonder if this, 2013, will be the year of seeing more concerts and movies. We had tremendous success with a babysitter when we went to see To Rome With Love and I don’t see why we shouldn’t go out once in awhile and see a movie or a concert if it is possible. Until then, of course, we have a big DVR that is full of clever programming waiting for us to watch it.


  1. Great review, Gordon. We live through our DVR. We can’t wait until our DVR lives in the cloud and not on a squeaky hard drive platter inside our cable box.

  2. I will respond in kind !

    2012 for me was one of consolidation in Portugal. I am more comfortable with the customs and more importantly the language – I find languages difficult to learn and Portguese is proving rather more difficult than most. However I can now make myself understood in shops and banks and in most restaurants.

    I am loving the life here – I enjoy the sun and it is good for me, I am a more active person, I walk more , and I am driving again – I bought myself a car this year – so good to be back behind the wheel.

    I became a grandmother for the second time, my son got married and I myself was handfasted to my new partner in September in a beautiful house overlooking the River Mira on the Autumn Equinox watched by family and friends.

    It was a great year musically for me – Portugal offers exellent opportunities for a whole range of musical treats. We are very lucky that we live less than 2 hours from Lisbon which is a small capital and is easily reached by motorway. Last years treats included Bruce Springsteen, Joss Stone, James, Bryan Adams at Rock in Rio , Snow Patrol at Optimus Live and Leonard Cohen just before Christmas., This year we have Bon Jovi , Muse , The Killers, Depeche Mode and my birthday treat is a trip to Vienna via Venice to see Robbie Williams ! We also have music of the world to savour in Sines and the Festival Sud Oueste to look forward to as well as a possible trip to Madrid to see Mark Knopfler .

    The acessibility to live music has been one of my greatest delights since moving here along with the very realistic pricing – none of these artists cost more than 50 euros to go and see.

    Fresh food and exploring the tastes of Portugal is my other great joy along with sampling the hundreds of wines on offer .

    I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings – hopefully a house of my own rather than rented space.

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