Medical fakery has a sadly long history going back to snake oil salesmen and going on even until this day. Many times, the lies that are sold to us by those who purport to only have healing in mind for us are made because the truths would be far too difficult for us to digest. If you have been wondering why you may have trouble remembering things more now than ever in this Age, there is now apparently a syndrome custom-made just for you — Busy Lifetime Syndrome!

Busy Lifetime Syndrome, as brought to us by actual doctors with genuine degrees from medical universities that do not hand them out to students in the manner of a diploma mill, is a syndrome characterized by a difficulty to remember things — like why you went from one room to another, or where you put your phone that you know very well was just on the table moments earlier. The syndrome is caused by receiving too much information from the many sources that are available to us — the computer, our phones, television, radio, etc.

The reality of the situation is that this is nothing other than that which has been referred to as information overload and has been a matter of concern for more than one generation and simply relates to this inability of the average human mind to take in more information at once than it can handle. It is absolutely no different now to try to remember things we have read from five different web sites, our phone, and a newspaper than if a person were to look at the first five pages of the dictionary and then try to recite back all of the words to you, in alphabetic order.

In other words, so-called Busy Lifetime Syndrome is just a new name for something that we all have had all along — and it most certainly does not merit the prescription of so-called “memory drugs”, which unfortunately is the fiscal direction in which this is headed. I do not understand why people so often go for buying magic bullet drugs rather than making appropriate lifestyle changes — learning to organize and sort the sea of information out there, for example, and learning to recognize that much of what we see and hear is just noise that can and should be filtered.


  1. I wonder if this syndrome is the new Fibromyalgia? Nothing wrong with us is ordinary any longer. Everything now has a label and a pill to go along with it. How soon will we have immunizations for being too busy? Oh, wait, I think that’s already called a “vacation.”

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      Gordon, maybe you should post an article entitled, “Theresia Kuppers, LOOK AT THIS!”, since this person doesn’t seem to check for responses to their comments. 😉

      1. Tom,

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  3. Magic bullet drugs are the EASY option – you just have to pop a pill rather than do anything yourself and of course much quicker than learning to do things differently. Remember too that eating properly requires you to cook properly and most people do not have time to do that these days – ” said with tongue firmly in cheek”

  4. Is multitasking overrated? I used to enjoy doing many things at once. Now I seem to perform better doing one thing at a time.

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