Louis Armstrong was one of the greatest musicians in the short history of human entertainment.  What few people know, though, is Louis was also a great advertising pitchman.  His favorite product to shill was Swiss Kriss — a laxative he used daily.  He would give Swiss Kriss to friends and new acquaintances as hello gifts.

Louis also sat for Swiss Kriss advertising cards that showed him, in bare bottom, sitting full on the toilet bowl!  Can you imagine a modern day musical ingenue like Mariah Carey or Bono promoting such a personal product?

The wild thing is Louis never took a penny for the Swiss Kriss promotion.  He publicized the product for free because he loved that it worked so well.

I was not aware of Swiss Kriss until I read the Armstrong biography, and when I bought a bottle at Walgreens, I found it to be just as good as Louis’ historical recommendation.

Swiss Kriss is a low-cost, all-natural, laxative and it does work just as gently as expected.  Just make sure you drink lots of water with each tablet you swallow or things will start to slowly move, like a rock, in your gut over the next 12 hours.

The great thing about Louis Armstrong is that he wasn’t fake.  When you watched him perform, you knew the soul of the man behind the sound.  He led us into ecstasy by the ear and, in the end, showed how we could better our finishes with the delightful Swiss Kriss.

I also admire how Louis was not afraid of his wife’s poop, or his poop, or our poop.  Our bodily functions are a major part of defining who and what we are — and how healthy we have lived over the arc of history — and for Louis Armstrong to openly discuss his bowel movements with his fans made the topic something no longer taboo; we are all now open for plain contemplation. It is refreshing to have such a mindful mindset, while also knowing the body can still be a temple that evacuates its unwanted residues on a regular schedule.


  1. I am quite thankful to, generally speaking, having an upstanding and regular evacuation schedule. It is nice to see someone of Armstrong’s fame endorsing a product like this without receiving any remuneration! That’s when you know someone really likes something — like our genuine product reviews that come without getting it for free from the company that sells it! 🙂

    1. You’re lucky your schedule is regular. Sometimes medication — like Benicar! — can mess stuff up temporarily, and you need a little help. I think Louis took his — in powder form in tablespoons with lots of water — every day just to help him keep a predictable schedule.

      Exactly right that his love of the product made his unpaid endorsement even more valuable. He was promoting healthy bowels in the 1950s — when that sort of thing was “just not talked about” in public — yet he did it anyway!

  2. I think he was looking out for his fellow senior citizens who may have shared the same concerns about elimination. Unfortunately, it does become complicated with age, so he was performing a very necessary public service to his fans. Satchmo is the king.

    1. I agree! He obviously had some problems of his own with the daily Swiss Kriss remedy — and he wanted to share his found joy with others.

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