In honor of International Women’s Day — here is “Disappearing” by Yemeni Photographer Bushra Almutawakei — shared by Fundação José Saramago on her behalf:

You, too, have permission to share this image.


  1. It was shared with me via Mr Ps brother who receieved it from the Nont for Profit Foundation itself.

    After sharing our womens celebration yesterday – this to me was the perfect reason for doing so and a stark reminder that many women still do not have our freedoms and some women do still dissapear. Thank you for publishing it as it is – I was quite lost for words and I am not sure any words that I could find would do it justice.

    1. Yes, sometimes we can’t add more drama or tension or meaning to an image with our words.

      The actual disappearing before our eyes is the entire message. We need say nothing more — other than to express our shared outrage.

  2. It needed to be shared and still needs to be shared far and wide. I am grateful to David that he allowed me some fluidity in the posting rules to enable me to do so.

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