It is a grey day here in Portugal — the sun has temporarily deserted us hidden behind layers of cloud. I have a day full of chores ahead after a weekend of relaxation. Cleaning, laundry, changing cat litter — all the mundane things I love to “hate” but know have to be done. Mr P is already fielding phone calls, organizing international transports from France to Portugal via our usual third-party who just happens to be in Brazil this week — the usual Monday mediocrity.

Then this drifted into my mailbox:

I had temporarily forgotten in the fog of Monday morning just how wonderful music of any kind can be — how it can unite us, inspire us and uplift us all at once. I had forgotten how infectious pure simple joy can be.

Apart from the sheer beauty of the music look at the smiles on people’s faces, watch all the children conducting and dancing and expressions of everyone as they realise what is going on.

Happy Monday!


    1. I hope it lifts up others as much as I was lifted – I love the kid in red clinging to the lampost with one hand and conducting with the other!

  1. Music makes the world go around? It certainly brightened my day. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Yes I think it does – every country has its music …………… from the most basic of beats on a animal skin drum to the most sophisticaled masterpeices written.

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