Well, it finally happened.  The line between Republican paranoia and Democrat fear finally met in the middle and Barack Obama is caught, dead center, in an inescapable vise of his own doing.  The Republican hounds have been after him since day one, hoping just to nip him up a bit to put a bit of blood in the water so the President is belittled and begrudged bite-by-bite until there’s nothing left of his presidency except an empty shell of what could have been and what never was.

I have never understood Obama’s governing style.  He seems to not have a temper.  He never responds to direct lies against him.  He isn’t a blank piece of paper.  He’s just blank.

For too long, Obama has placed too much blind trust in the media and the good people of this nation that they won’t be influenced by the never-ending dogging he’s taking from the extreme Right Wing.  That trust is ending as Benghazi and the IRS and the AP intimidation begin to clamp down.

We Americans want and need and demand a strong President.  We need someone who will stand up to evil both at home and away on foreign soil.

When Obama refuses to take a stand against the daily lies set against him — those lies tend to become true in the shared, social, subconscious, reptilian mind the more they are retold and stretched into a ludicrous game of “telephone” that ends up coming back to burn him in the end.

The way you deal with lying bullies is to punch them right back in the nose with irrefutable truth — so they know you’re unbowed and serious.  That won’t stop them from lying against you, but punching back helps build confidence in those who defend you.

Obama never fights back.  He allows his enemies to define him.

Now reality begins to settle in that Obama will cotton to his Republican detractors — with the same amount of respect as those who actually voted for him and support him — and that means he’s already a well-done Lame Duck.

We’ll have three more years of malaise and avarice and, certainly, impeachment procedures and nothing of substance will ever get done again under the Obama watch — and the good Democrats will bide their time waiting for Hillary to come in and fight and finally set things right — while the rest of the world will look in dismay and gloominess at the promise of Hope that was pledged, but never delivered.

It’s a hard truth to take that the one man you put all your faith in always cared more about what his opposition thought of him instead of caring what — We, The People, who actually put him in power — thought of him.


  1. what a wasted opportunity ……………… those with the hope and the belief that this was the man who could change the world must be gutted.

    1. Yes, it’s a total disappointment. Now we’re just in “biding our time” mode for the next three years as Obama fights off more lies that will become real because his administration still has no way to put them down for good. The Presidency is mainly a bully pulpit. He never took advantage of the power of that platform.

      1. so if I understand you correctly you need to be a bit of a bully to survive – guess Obama is not thick skinned enough for the job …………….

        1. You have to stand up for what you believe — and defend it — and that means making enemies and calling out the oppositional lies against you. As President you cannot be liked, and it is better to be hated by the opposition more than you are hated by your disappointed supporters.

          Yet Mr. Obama also expresses exasperation. In private, he has talked longingly of “going Bulworth,” a reference to a little-remembered 1998 Warren Beatty movie about a senator who risked it all to say what he really thought. While Mr. Beatty’s character had neither the power nor the platform of a president, the metaphor highlights Mr. Obama’s desire to be liberated from what he sees as the hindrances on him.


  2. @ silence, not rising to the bait and turming the other check as all good Christians should – not working for him ……………….. Hope Hilary is sharpening her claws in readiness

    1. Hillary set a great example in fighting back in her Benghazi testimony. The GOP hounds backed down. They’re back at biting her again, because her former boss allows that sort of condemnable behavior. As President, they won’t be able to touch her and she’ll get good things done.

  3. My thoughts on his temperament exactly…his stoic not-lowering-himself-to-their-level approach only comes off as him looking too soft. C’mon man! SHAME THEM!! Reactions couched in nuance and empathy fly right over conservative’s heads as their intentionally narrow world view doesn’t see colors outside of black and white.

    And, please retire the use of the word “folks”. We get it – “just tryin’ to play nice” ain’t working.

    1. Thanks for sharing your excellent comment! There’s no doubt Obama is the greatest guy in the world. You’d love to have him as your friend, and he’d never let you down.

      However, as President, he never learned the way to twist an arm with a smile on his face. Even if the arm breaks — that’s okay — as long as he gets his way and the smile never fades. That’s “The Presidency 101” — getting your way because you’re the Big Boss. Compromise is for the Congress, not the Oval Office.

  4. I wish that he would get fired up more too. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but at a point stoicism crosses a line into passivity..

    1. I know he lives in fear of losing his temper on camera and coming off — forever! — as the “Angry Black Man” and I appreciate that concern; but off-camera, he needs to be directly nastier and more threatening and call out the buffoons and stand up to the bullies. We know he’s right. We voted for him because we agree with him. He just doesn’t seem to have the political skill to know how to leverage his “power of the people” to his winning side.

  5. Well, he is known for his peace keeping philosophy right? Maybe he really believes in “the meek shall inherit the earth”.

    1. That’s a great attitude for a man of the cloth — but the Commander in Chief needs to be much more demanding and forceful — or nothing will ever really get done!

        1. That’s what makes me wonder… Where is his bruiser? Where are his henchmen? He needs his Tom Delay — his Dick Cheney — his enforcer! Biden wants to be liked. Holder is just like him. Hillary is out. Carney is a milquetoast. He used to have Ed Rendell… but he turned against him…

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