Yesterday, flush in the wilds of our article on the NSA, I received this odd email alert on my @boles account that stopped me for a moment.  The NSA were replying to us concerning the article we published:

“Hum” indeed.

I clicked on the green reply button to find out what was happening, and I was met with this user profile on

Ha!  It’s all a joke.

Fake Steve Jobs, meet Parody NSA!

I wonder how long that NSA account will survive on before it dies a slow and public death?


    1. Yeah! For a split-second I was stopped. Then the click-though made me think, “This is is a little more lame than funny.”

      I’m sure the account will not last. You can’t use official logos and images of the NSA and expect to stay around very long.

  1. That got me for a second! My first thought was “wow, there’s all the proof we ever need that we’re all being monitored, straight from the NSA itself.”

    If it does end up being removed, that will be a bigger commentary on the issue than anything they joke about in their posts.

    1. You’re right, Emily! I did think, for a moment, that we were being watched!

      Because of identity theft, and “confusion in the marketplace,” these parody accounts tend not to last very long, so enjoy it while you can! SMILE!

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