We all know we cannot afford cheap shoes.  Yesterday, I could not resist the opportunity to buy some cheap shoes/slippers/slip-ons at Payless because they were so ugly, and ridiculous, and — unlike O.J., these ugly-ass shoes fit me like a glove — and, as an added bonus, the slippers match the rug!  Now when I walk across the living room, I’m invisible from the ankles down!

The shoes/slippers are made with official Realtree Camo, and while I do have a Realtree hooded sweatshirt from Carhartt, the shoes just made me laugh because they are much too delicate to see any sort of real-life Camo duty in the field.

I will not wear the beauties in public.  These slip-ons are my new around-the-house kicks and I’ll love every moment of invisibly Camo-ing my feet indoors.

I thought I had cornered the market for ugly-ass footwear when a simple Google query returned these even uglier Nike Realtree-branded basketball shoes!

Realtree Camo must be the new Black — and I can’t wait for the day when the new Camo fades back to Black — but for now, it’s Camo from head to Camo toe!


  1. I like the Camo basketball shoes. The other Camo shoes are the ugliest shoes in the world.

    1. Why do you like the Nike Camo shoes? I realize they’re a different color and style of Camo than my slippers/slip-ons… but is that the reason?

  2. At first I was speechless ……………….. now I need to know how comfortable they are ……… they have a certain cachet …….. they look as though they need a silk handkercheif to match.

    Goodness I am seeing you in a whole new light …………

    1. Ha! Well, the Camo design is a perfect match with my hooded sweatshirt — Realtree makes about five different designs and colors — so now half of me is invisible when I stand on the rug. SMILE!

      The shoes are actually incredibly confortable and lightweight and they’re Vegan, too! The Camo pattern is printed on fabric, so they’re sort of like a smooth material… odd, really. The sole is rugged, though. Janna dared me to wear them out today on our walk to the park, and I’m glad I did. They were really easy on the feet. She thinks they look better than I do, so they’re staying home from here on out, but they’re still the perfect shoe for hanging out around the house.

        1. The fabric does feel like silk. I can’t imagine how they’d look after getting wet. These are now my puttering around shoes, and I now live in fear that, when I cook, I’m going to drop all sorts of junk on them — I routinely, but never not on purpose, tend to always drop stuff on my shoes while cooking — and I dread the day that happens with something that leaves a permanent stain! SMILE!

  3. I LOVE your rig shoes – what a blast. New ugliest – because of what we have lost because of them – shoes are by Jay-Z – made of elephant skin, snakes etc, DISGUSTING

    1. I love these ugly rug shoes, too, Nancy! They’re shockingly warm and comfortable, though I can’t imagine wearing them in the field, or in a field… or marsh or creek bed…

      No leather here. We’ll all natural fibers!

  4. Now, I really love this post. I too, see you in a whole different light – but that’s good. I am laughing right now about these ugly ass shoes (both are bad, but yours takes the cake walk) – dont think I have ever seen a more fugly pair of foot wear. How did they ever go from concept to production? Someone somewhere in the line had to give an ok on this. One thing for sure though, they HAVE to make you smile when you wear them.
    Oh…my eyes!

    1. Ha! Yah! They’re a real experience! They were $30 at Payless. A real bargain! Came with all sorts of official “Realtree Camo” info — so fun. I’m originally from Nebraska, so this sort of outdoor woodsy stuff is pretty much embedded in me from childhood… SMILE!

          1. Well, I shouldn’t tease you about your ugly shoes. I have a real love of ugly shoes. I wore my black military issue shoes (nun shoes) with everything – even baby doll dresses. I really miss those shoes. i recently purchased a pair of lime green slip on Croc wannabe’s at ikea for a whopping $2.99 – I’m told I need to get a new pair of shoes because they just don’t go with everything.

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