Elissa Reilly Slater was evicted from the Big Brother 15 house last night, effectively ending her chance to win half a million dollars, but she kept her morality and dignity intact and that, to me, is more precious than Big Brother blood money, and as far as I’m concerned the real, true, and only winner of BB15 is Elissa even though the show runs for another two weeks.

From the start of the show, Elissa was marked.  Her horrible sister Rachel was a previous winner, and professional whiner, and there are few Rachel Reilly fans in the Big Brother world.  Elissa was tagged by the other houseguests as being favored by the producers — and she was, just because of her shared bloodline with a previous winner — and it didn’t help that Elissa, a doppelgänger of her sister, denied being Rachel’s sister when asked.  A lie from the clean start can never really take you to the dirty end in victory.

That said, Elissa, a premier athlete of a Yoga instructor, bided her time and played the game as well as she could all alone.  She tried to make alliances.  She wanted to team up.  Nobody would have her.  Nobody listened to her insight or wisdom.  She was written off as a sibling airhead by everyone in the house — even her supposed “friend” Helen — who dictated to Elissa without ever hearing her.

Even though Elissa was emotionally abused by everyone in the Big Brother house, she still fought on until her untimely end.

One daily ritual was her Yoga routine.  It was a magnificent experience watching her commune with her spirit and honing her profound inner strength.

You’re looking at screenshots from Elissa’s final Yoga session performed at 1pm in the house yesterday.  It was her best session to date.  Perhaps she knew she was inevitably on her way out.

What the other houseguests failed to realize about Elissa was that she was awkward in the company of others, and that made her suspicious in their cruel eyes, but that shyness didn’t mean she was stupid of flakey or deserving of all the nasty names claimed against her.

Yes, Elissa has a successful business.

Yes, she has a killer body and a kind heart.

Yes, she recently married a rich man.

Why begrudge her the facts of her life?

The other houseguests used her loves against her as evidenced in this video clip of the disgusting Gina Marie questioning the Race of the father of Elissa’s eight-year-old son:

Gina Marie is a foul-mouthed troll from Staten Island who earned, and deserved, being fired from her day job outside the Big Brother house.

Even when bullied by gross Amanda for four straight days — Elissa kept her composure and always remained kind and gracious. I cannot imagine Amanda will have a gracious life outside the Big Brother house.

While the other houseguests slept away the day, Elissa would rise early in the morning and perform her Yoga routine.

It was a joy to watch her in action and, even as a Yoga dude on my own, I cannot match Elissa’s massive strength, flexibility and expert breathing technique.

Now that Elissa is out of the Big Brother house, she can go back to her good life as the true winner of Big Brother 15. She survived a punishing and abusive ordeal, and yet she didn’t give up who she was or lower her beliefs for money.

Elissa was too good for the house.  The only contestants left are crude, mean, liars who know only how to tear down and build nothing.


  1. Never a good thing when the mean people are in control. I am sorry to see Elissa leave, but it might be the best thing for her to be out of that house. She stayed and put up with all of that hate to win. I don’t think she cared about the money. She just wanted to win the game.

    1. Elissa was a competitor. She didn’t always do well because the house was stacked against her in competitions, but she never gave up. She didn’t leave. She fought to the end to stay in the game. Her undoing was trusting the wrong people — people like Andy who confess to getting an enteric delight in lying to your face.

  2. what a stunning young lady – an example to us all. I am so glad that there are still some young people with integrity.

    1. Even though Elissa is out of the house, the five remaining houseguests continue to insult her and defame her and slander her. They are sickening “people!”

  3. Ulgh – dislike that so much – its an awful state to be when you can only try to make yourself look good by putting other down and not actually being good yourself.

    1. Precisely right.

      Of the remaining five left… one is an aimless pizza boy, one is a train conductor who is being investigated by his employer and the FBI, another is a fired pageant advisor, one is drowning in student loan debt and the last is a do-nothing from the deep South. All relative losers in the spectra ascending that is Elissa!

    1. Love that word — “dross! — and it is a perfect fit. They’re all so jealous of her — yet she always tried to be helpful to each of them. Elissa helped Gina Marie dye her roots two times and the result was magical.

      The last time she did Gina Marie’s hair, Gina Marie voted out Elissa the next day, even though she’d promised Elissa she would be staying. So Gina Marie was wittingly lying to her just so Elissa would do her hair one last time. Snotty!

      What they all fail to realize is that even if Gina Marie has been honest with Elissa and told her she was voting her out — Elissa would’ve still done her hair anyway because she isn’t a vindictive person — but nobody in the house knows that because they can’t see beyond their own failures and need for revenge against the world, and Elissa in the particulate.

      1. I think Elissa is far better off out of there – I can only imagine things getting worse as the series reaches the climax .

        There are some people who you cannot teach – because of that very reason, because they behave like that everybody else must behave like that – so sad that there are one/two generations of people now who cannot see beyond the end of their noses .

        1. I think that is the lesson of BB15: This generation is lazy and entitled and do-nothing. They think they’re the most special and the smartest for accomplishing nothing and causing venomous drama when quiet friendship would do just fine and achieve the same end.

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