Hi there! This is a “Poopy Chicken” streaming video test for VideoPress, YouTube and Vimeo PRO. Poopy Chicken in a 14-second video shot in HD on an iPhone 5S. Nothing was done to the videos on any service. No enhancements. No editing. Straight from the iPhone to getting uploaded to the video services.

We’re testing video streaming vibrancy and liquidity and excellence in execution across all platforms. Here’s the Boles Books version of this test hosted on Pair Networks.

VideoPress on WordPress.com:

Here’s the Poopy Chicken on YouTube:

This Poops on Vimeo PRO:

Be sure to find a way to let us know which Poopy Chicken video stream you prefer and let us know where you’re located in the world, and who your provides your bandwidth, and how fast a connection you have.

Thank you!

This video streaming is only the beginning of something larger and grander!


    1. Well, since it looks like a Rooster, I’m not sure about the eggs — but I do think it lays poopy in the form of colorful Easter eggs! SMILE!

  1. Vimeo best here – much clearer – location in the wilds of Portugal – internet connection dubiously supplied by Meo via sapo.pt – about to be updated to new provider on Friday with roof top antenna – if that does not work we are going to satellite. Current download speed 2.8 – upload speed 0.2 !!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Vimeo is awfully good. I’m so disappointed in the WordPress video, though. That would’ve been the smarter move in every way, but its playback is just terrible.

  2. Hi, maybe late to the party… I found your link via search about videopress. I’m comparing too. I admit the vimeo looks good however I’m wondering if those that commented compared in full screen? I set both in full screen and compared and the videopress looks every bit as good as vimeo. Of course this comes on the heels of some updates by videopress (my attention to this when I updated to wp 4.01).

    Videopress looks like a very attractive solution.

    what are your thoughts?
    All the best,

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