Here’s a brief video of a wall mural from the Court Square subway station in Queens.  I like the colors.  I support public Art projects in public spaces.  Video after the break.

The corridor is usually packed with people, but today it was empty and I took my chance to get the whole thing in one shot.


It looks like my previous video problem is fixed.  I think my Apple iPhone 5S got too hot that day.  I didn’t change anything in this new video and the tearing problem is gone for now.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Janna,

    Have you tried the iPhone’s panoramic mode in taking pictures? In theory you could take a super long picture and get the entire mural. 🙂 Nice video!

    1. I played with it but there isn’t an easy way to view or share the large image it creates. In a video, the frame is there and the panorama happens inside.

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