Our Verizon Wireless iPhone 6 Plus phones arrived early this morning via FedEx, and here’s the quick David Boles Blogs review of our experience with the new iPhones.  After our initial ship date of 9/19 changed to 10/14 and then 10/7 and then back to 9/19, all in the span of three hours yesterday, seeing our FedEx guy show up with both iPhones in hand — one had shipped from Pennsylvania, the other From Tennessee — was a delight.

My FedEx guy told us he had thousands of iPhones to deliver today and that he was called in early this morning at 5:00am to start loading his truck; and then they held him an extra 90 minutes after his usual departure time to keep loading him up.  He also said the FedEx hub in Moonachie, New Jersey had the most iPhone deliveries today of any FedEx hub in the USA.  I reasoned the answer was likely because so many people who work in New York City live 50% cheaper right across the river in New Jersey — and they can better afford to buy a new iPhone every year!

The iPhone 6 Plus camera is improved from the 5S as you can see in this image.  The shot was taken in a darkened room with the light from the iPhone as the main source of seeing.  I used the bundled Camera App to claim the shot and did a “finger focus” on the screen to tap direct the source of important light.

We wanted the Plus version of the iPhone 6 because it has a better camera and, in landscape mode, you can get a lot more done.

The Space Grey iPhone 6 Plus looks great and feels excellent in the hand.  Yes, the phone is bigger than what we’ve used before, but the extra size is a welcome change.  The Gold iPhone 6 Plus is a cooler color of “gold” and is not in any way gaudy.

I noticed the black-faced Space Gray iPhone uses the traditional reboot screen color of a black background with a white Apple, while the Gold iPhone with the white face is the reverse: Black Apple on a white background.

Everything is faster.

The colors are rich and deep.

You never knew how much you wanted, and needed, a larger iPhone until you held one in your hand.

Restoring both phones from iCloud was actually faster and more carefree than it has ever been for any other iPhone launch, and that’s a good thing.

When I ordered our iPhone at 3:00am Eastern a week ago today, I could not get into the Apple Store, so I turned around and seamlessly ordered directly from the Verizon Wireless website.  Everything worked out fine in the end, but you cannot purchase AppleCare+ on the Verizon website and have it auto-bundled with your iPhone, so you have to call Apple and purchase it straight from them.

Today, when I called to buy AppleCare+ for both iPhones, and after a wait of 25 minutes on hold, I was told by a Senior Tech that their activation servers were down, and there were 2,000 other people behind me on the phone needing help, and that I should call back in a few days after things had calmed down.  He offered to call me back later, but I had a really hard time understanding him, so I just kept repeating to delete everything we’d done so far with the failed AppleCare+ activation and I’d start all over again next week.  We’ll see what happens.

I don’t like being without the full coverage of AppleCare+ — but I don’t have a choice right now — Apple didn’t want my $200 today, so I’ll try again later; but I’m always surprised when Apple are surprised at the demand for their products that ends up melting their backend servers every single time.

Today, I don’t think it’s enough to just design and sell grand things, you also need to have righteous prescience and human logic to pre-plan for the protection of the infrastructure required to feed the machines that makes everything run smoothly and without pause.


    1. You’ll have a transition period. Just don’t take your iPad with you for a few days. Rely only on the new iPhone and see how it goes with the bigger screen and little bit bigger bulk.

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