The David Boles Blogs Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

Our Verizon Wireless iPhone 6 Plus phones arrived early this morning via FedEx, and here’s the quick David Boles Blogs review of our experience with the new iPhones.  After our initial ship date of 9/19 changed to 10/14 and then 10/7 and then back to 9/19, all in the span of three hours yesterday, seeing our FedEx guy show up with both iPhones in hand — one had shipped from Pennsylvania, the other From Tennessee — was a delight.

My FedEx guy told us he had thousands of iPhones to deliver today and that he was called in early this morning at 5:00am to start loading his truck; and then they held him an extra 90 minutes after his usual departure time to keep loading him up.  He also said the FedEx hub in Moonachie, New Jersey had the most iPhone deliveries today of any FedEx hub in the USA.  I reasoned the answer was likely because so many people who work in New York City live 50% cheaper right across the river in New Jersey — and they can better afford to buy a new iPhone every year!

The iPhone 6 Plus camera is improved from the 5S as you can see in this image.  The shot was taken in a darkened room with the light from the iPhone as the main source of seeing.  I used the bundled Camera App to claim the shot and did a “finger focus” on the screen to tap direct the source of important light.

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Left Out in the Freezing Sun, We Lost Our Seasons

Growing up in the Midwest, there were absolute seasons.  When the calendar flipped from Summer to Autumn, the weather and temperatures would change accordingly.  You knew you had a good couple of good months of cool, calm, “football weather” before the Winter doldrums would come knocking on your door with wind, sleet, snow and ice and what felt like an eternal darkness.

Today, it appears global warming has changed our seasonal expectations, and that is a comprehensively sad fact. My FedEx guy, sweating in the humid heat of the Autumn one day and freezing in the wintry Autumn wind the next, said it best: “We’ve lost our seasons.”

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FedEx Fs-Up iPhone 4S Delivery!

Oh, yeah, I’m mad!  Steaming!  Burning!  Janna and I preordered two iPhone 4S last week ago from Verizon for delivery today, and everything was going great so far — that is — until a curious FedEx delivery exception appeared on BOTH iPhone tracking pages at 11:52am this morning when the phones were supposed to arrive by 3:00pm.

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Divorcing Amazon Prime Because of A-1 Courier Services Cheating

UPDATED:  August 11, 2010
A representative from A-1 Courier Services, moments ago, just posted an “anonymous” comment on this article.  I replied to “joe blow” in the comments stream, but I also want to be on-the-record here, in the article proper, with the evidence of A-1’s continued betrayal and deceit as a company.

Here is a screenshot of the comment notification email.  Notice the IP address and the resolution of such as “” and also notice the name and email address are also faked.

Doing a public lookup for — IP: , — provides this result for that IP address:

Amazing, isn’t it? Why did A-1 bother faking their identity?  Why not provide a cogent and rational comment that would be on-the-record for everyone to read?  I believe that behavior to falsify is powerful, public, testimony against what sort of company A-1 really is in the continued analysis of evidence.

Amazon, we have a problem.  For years, I have given you the best years of my life and thousands of dollars.  I rely on you to bring me music, food, household supplies and pretty much everything else I buy to live a life in a shrinking, modern, world — but those days of my reliance upon your nurturing fame and quenchable celebrity are over.  I am currently an Prime member.  I will not renew my Prime relationship with you as I wean away my love to find other online providers who will meet my needs.

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Is the Bad Economy Crushing Fedex's Planes?

As the economy continues to irrationally sour us against each other, I discovered that one of the not-so-silent casualties of this money war is FedEx.  I have noticed over the last couple of months that deliveries are not arriving on time and the company is blaming “mechanical difficulties” more and more for their failures as the dawn of summer begins to linger into the dog days of August.

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Is a FedEx Waybill a Handshake or a Promise?

On January 14, 1998 I wrote a seminal article for GO INSIDE Magazine called — The Decline & Fall of FedEx — and in the 12 years since its original publication, that FedEx piece has generated more positive email than anything else I’ve ever written.  Having one article watched so much by so may people is both pleasing and numbing.

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Cyber Monday Meltdown

We all know and loathe “Black Friday” — but I didn’t realize “Cyber Monday” was the first Monday after Black Friday and it is my fault that I wasn’t paying attention the calendar as I wasted an entire day yesterday rassling with Amazon and UPS over missing orders and late deliveries.

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