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An Open Letter to eKaterina

I was disappointed you so easily let go of your brilliance. It is important for you as an artist to not compromise, to not give in to lesser ideas, and for you to fight for your aesthetic.

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Writing Advice for Authors

If you are an aspiring book author I want to give you some blunt author-to-author advice you will not likely get from your publisher or your agent. Agents and publishers generally do not want this sort of discussion to take place between authors because they don’t want us sharing this information.

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Netscape 8.01

I always hated Netscape when they ruled the internet ten years or so ago. As a writer of books and articles I always found Netscape as a company to be arrogant, unhelpful, nasty and happily cruel.
I cheered when, Vader-like, Microsoft decided to rise and smash Netscape with Internet Explorer and I laughed out loud when Netscape went down in flames. 

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