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Why I Am Still Vegan After a Decade of Service

On December 6, 1998, my wife Janna and I began to serve the Vegan lifestyle.  I say “serve” because being Vegan can be a lonesome service to a greater cause as everyone around you devours animals and wears their skins.

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Militarized Anthrax and Drum Delivery

The media have trained us to fear Anthrax even though it is a naturally occurring substance found in the soil of any working farm.  Militarized Anthrax is not the natural Anthrax you find on a farm.  Anthrax that has been militarized means that is has been “ground up” into the tiniest possible spore form for easy transmission in the air via the wind for inhalation into the lungs.  Once Anthrax gets inside your body, your chances of survival are not very good.  Militarized Anthrax is a silent killer that takes a bit of time to develop in the body as a cause of death, so marking the time and point of infection is more difficult, and that makes Militarized Anthrax an effective, invisible, assassin.  Anthrax, and its natural danger to humans, is all around us all the time.

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The Human Shame of Proposition Two

Do farm animals have rights?  Do they deserve legal protection during their lives before they meet their deaths on your dinner table?  In California, Proposition 2 is November 4 ballot initiative — better known as the “Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act” — and I wonder why we even need to provide that protection and why we don’t naturally have it in us to humanely tend those that feed so many as part of our basic human nature.

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RFID Implants the Human Form

The implantation of RFID chips is a scary thought.

We can be tracked and mapped by the greater powers as if we’re a proximity card used for building access or a ride on the PATH train.

Is it appropriate that our privacy no longer belongs to us?

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I am Doctor Dolittle

We already know I am irresistable to people but today I realized I am Doctor Dolittle, too. When I go on my daily powerwalk I am greeted by many non-people — dogs on leashes, cats in windows, ferrets in cages, birds in trees, worms on sidewalks, snails on drainpipes — they all come to me as I walk by them. This didn’t used to happen.

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