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The Unforgiven Movable Type 5.01 Review

It’s that time of the year again when we open our hearts to Six Apart and another major Movable Type upgrade only to once again have our love spun unrequited and our delicate hearts shattered by a reality that belies the promise.

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We Own the Devil Note

We are pleased to announce today that now also owns the domain name  That means if you type in your web browser, you will be brought right back here!

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Celebrity Semiotic Archives

All Celebrity Semiotic articles can once again be found right here in the Celebrity Semiotic blog
When you perform a search, everything and everything we’ve written will appear in those search returns.  Thank you for joining us!

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Boles University Blog Archives

We are delighted to inform you the Boles University Bog Archives are once again hosted right here in the Boles University Blog!  You can search everything we’ve written in one place.

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United Stage is Now a Boles Network Blog

Finding the right form for expression is always a challenging effort and mandate and today, we are delighted announce that has transmogrified from website into the 13th blog in the Boles Blogs Network!

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November 25, 1996

In order to preserver the history of who we are on, this was our original mandate 14 years ago:

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This is the United Stage

We welcome you to the new home of the United Stage!  Since November 25, 1996, we were a website dedicated to supporting Playwrights who wanted to direct their own plays.

Now, as United Stage becomes a blog, we find ourselves still supporting our founding mandate, but we have expanded our world view to dig deeper into how Aristotle and his Poetics continue to unearth our divine rhythms to affect our human motivations in the world.

We look forward to expanding our definition and understanding of our universe in live performance!