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Blessing the Google Cache

We love the Google and we are especially fond of the Google Cache feature that can salvage your work on the web that goes missing, is deleted, or is censored.

We recently found one of our Urban Semiotic articles was missing from publication.

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WordPress Censorship or Technical Glitch?

As we live and die and publish and perish on the web together, it is never a delight to be told your work is suddenly missing from publication. 

I was informed yesterday that my article, “Urban Semiotic Articles Deleted from Google?” had gone missing from my Urban Semiotic blog hosted on

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Condemning Editorial Censorship

It’s always disappointing when a writer has their work censored by an editor.  One should always be wary of publishers that value editors more than authors.

How do you handle the wants and desires of an editor with an obvious internal agenda who wishes to wound and harm the project with false self-elevation, political correctitude and sanctimonious righteousness?

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Urban Semiotic Articles Deleted From Google?

(UPDATE: is no longer hosted on  We now run on Movable Type 4.1.  We are keeping this article in publication to preserve the record.)

Over the past few days I have noticed something curious happening with this Urban Semiotic Blog and Google.
For some strange reason a lot of our articles are no longer being returned in a basic Google web search and that is killing our readership because Google usually sends a lot of traffic our way.

Those articles used to appear in Google — they still appear in Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Search as the top returns — but they have been removed from Google view. We’ll see if this article you’re reading right now ever appears in Google and remains there or if, it too, eventually mysteriously disappears from Google’s search returns.

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How to Force Freedom of the Press Back into China

Yesterday our intrepid Gordon Davidescu sent me an email with a long link to a website that appeared to have “stolen” 100% of GO INSIDE Magazine content. Furious, I followed his link — it took forever to load — and saw all of our content loading into a completely new URL. It didn’t look like the content was copied or pulled into a Frame. Strange. The main domain index page was written entirely in Chinese. 

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