Hillary in the Moon

I subscribe to a cartoon syndicate, and every morning a bunch of great drawings land in my Inbox.  I have a few traditional cartoons, but most of the work that arrives is of political cartoons from across the world.  This morning, I was struck by this political cartoon from Kerry Waghorn, a real master combining the essence of a person with their mission on earth.  The image is Hillary Clinton’s face in the moon and three elephants sleeping on the ground below her.  One elephants longingly looks up at her.

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Alentejo Staples: Wine, Olives, Bread, Cheese, Porco Preto and Eggs

Food in rural Alentejo revolves around these six ingredients: wine, olives, bread, cheese, porco preto and eggs. Almost every household will dine on a combination of these for at least one meal a day if not both.  Wine drives the Alentejo economy and the stomachs of its workers, from simple house wines to celebrated international award winners.  This is my Christmas present to myself — a presentation box of five reds from the renowned Cortes De Cima.

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Missed Trader Joe's Cheesy Handshake

I was with a friend at Trader Joe’s in the Union Square area of Manhattan, looking for a certain sort of vegetarian cheese. The first thing you should know about this supermarket location is that it is so popular that the line to the checkout counter is frequently long enough to wrap all around the store and come near the entrance of the store, with employees holding signs to indicate where to enter for various numbers of items per shopper. That made it sufficiently difficult to find anything without bumping into several people.

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Cheese & Beef Dip

by Joyce Kohl

Cheese and Beef Dip Source: Go Inside™
A quickie made up one day for unexpected company
Servings: Ingredients:
Enough for a small party 2 cups cheese soup

1 can tomatoes and chilies (tall, thin can)

1/2 4-ounce can green chilies (Ortega, blue can)

1/2 can salsa (yellow can)

1 medium chopped tomato

1 cup (more or less) shredded cooked beef pot roast

Corn chips

  1. Combine all ingredients in a fondue pot. Stir often. When bubbly, it’s ready to serve.
  1. If the dip is too thin, thicken it with a mixture of flour and water. Be sure to strain the mixture so you don’t get lumps in the dip.