Sunday Seafood Special from Alentejo

Living close to the sea in Portugal, we are blessed with an abundance of seafood.  A favourite starter is often a shared dish of clams. These are usually cooked in a little olive oil, some wine, coriander and salt and pepper. All that is needed to finish is a squeeze of lemon.

Next up on the indulgence list is crab.  Vegetarians cover your eyes here.  These are displayed in a tank in the restaurant and you are offered the choice of which crab you wish and it is cooked to your liking and served either hot or cold to your table.

We prefer ours cold with a special dressing of mayonnaise mixed with beer and breadcrumbs. The favourite local variant is a dish made with crabs claws and rice and green peppers — a very thick, sticky, stew.

Third, and possibly my personal favourite, is Lobster.

Not as common as crab here and usually has to be ordered — but to me even more delicious. These are also served hot or cold — again I prefer mine cold.

Last but not least — the huge Tiger Prawns — which are best cooked simply over a charcoal grill at home and served with warm garlic butter.

With offerings such as these it is very easy to eat less meat and eat more shellfish in one’s diet.