by Joyce Kohl

Cheese and Beef Dip Source: Go Inside™
A quickie made up one day for unexpected company
Servings: Ingredients:
Enough for a small party 2 cups cheese soup

1 can tomatoes and chilies (tall, thin can)

1/2 4-ounce can green chilies (Ortega, blue can)

1/2 can salsa (yellow can)

1 medium chopped tomato

1 cup (more or less) shredded cooked beef pot roast

Corn chips

  1. Combine all ingredients in a fondue pot. Stir often. When bubbly, it’s ready to serve.
  1. If the dip is too thin, thicken it with a mixture of flour and water. Be sure to strain the mixture so you don’t get lumps in the dip.


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