Picking Your Public School

When I was growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, we had four high schools. Attendance was decided by neighborhood. You attended your high school based on which one you lived closest to — and you were not allowed to pick your high school. Your address locked you into your school no matter what.  Your parents not only made you, they then chained you to a public school just because of the house in which you happened to live.

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Urban Bioterrorism Attack: You Pick the Living

This scenario is made up of two parts. Bioterrorism

Please write your answer for Part A before you answer Part B and when you comment, please break up your answer into Part A and Part B.


You are the head of a public health clinic in the urban core. An hour ago a toxic biological agent was seeded across the city by a low-flying crop-duster airplane.

The bio-agent is fast-acting and severely incapacitates in 90 minutes and kills in three hours. Everyone in the city is infected. Most are already dying in the streets as they choke to breathe in their mission to find help. 

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An Offer You Will Not Refuse

If I offered you a gift — and you must accept the gift and you must use the gift only on yourself — which one of these two things would you choose: Getting plastic surgery; or receiving a killer new computer setup?
Here are the details:

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Terri vs Katrina

Worth a thousand words:

Terri vs Katrina

Always Say Yes

Yes is tough.

No is easy.

To live your life where you say “yes” more often than you say “no” is to leave an important mark on the world.

Yes takes time.

Yes means commitment.

Yes requires involvement.

No is an end.

Yes is eternal.

You cannot get a “yes” unless you ask.