Worth a thousand words:

Terri vs Katrina


  1. Carla! — I am with you on that one! 🙂
    Deborah — I think the turning point of no return for the nation will center on Katrina and not the Iraq War.

  2. Are you saying that our government cares more about one brain dead white woman than a million blacks?
    Surely not!

  3. Truthful argument through emotion is one of the most ethically beautiful things our species has produced. Thank you for the fine example of it. Posting a link to this from my weblog as well.

  4. Natalie, you have no factual basis to say that Schiavo was murdered.
    I know that some conservatives want to suggest all sorts of horrible things. Folks like Dr. Hammesfahr were able to parlay their opinions onto just about every conservative news show.
    But facts are facts. There was an autopsy, which agreed with years of medical reports. Hammesfahr, given multiple days in court, was unable to prove any of his opinions as fact.
    Even some conservatives, like Sen. Bill Frist, admitted after the autopsy that their initial statements on Schiavo were incorrect. Perhaps you should do the same?

  5. David,
    I live with a republican mate who when backed in a corner just never wants to talk about it. So I passed this on to her, we don’t have to talk about it. Keep up the insightful look at reality.

  6. Hi Joe!
    Your comment made me laugh today. Thanks!
    Oh, and good luck with your mate. Sometimes the most effective things said are never spoken. 🙂

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