2020: The Year of Disremembering and Disassembly

2020 has been a year of contemporaneous contemplation hanged by the bridle of dismay. We have been forced to leap from the cliff, together, Zombie-like, from crisis to crises. We drowned in foolish Tweet after Tweet and now, as a new horizon presents itself to us for celebration, and referral in 2021, we cannot stop but to hope against the losses we served, and the punishments we received, over the last four years.

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Sex and the iPhone

The following image is making the internets rounds.  If you don’t have an iPhone, you might need some help sussing out what’s happening here.  A young woman named Lizzy mistakenly sends an SMS to her Dad.  Dad replies she sent the SMS to the wrong person.  Then, realizing what “1st time on the beach” really means, Dad sends Lizzy a second SMS ordering her home the next day.

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