The following image is making the internets rounds.  If you don’t have an iPhone, you might need some help sussing out what’s happening here.  A young woman named Lizzy mistakenly sends an SMS to her Dad.  Dad replies she sent the SMS to the wrong person.  Then, realizing what “1st time on the beach” really means, Dad sends Lizzy a second SMS ordering her home the next day.

If this iPhone Sex-on-the-Beach SMS is real or not doesn’t matter because it could easily be real enough — I sometimes send an SMS to the wrong person using the iPhone — but the honest danger in this sort private-to-public revelation via instant communication is the lack of a behavior filter, both on the beach, and in the iPhone.

Is there no common decency in the young any longer?

Why broadcast your sexual junctions via SMS where it can be re-fed, forwarded and captured in an image for a necessary scolding in the public square?

In our example today, Dad did the right thing by his daughter.  He brought her home and, we hope, provided an appropriate, if stunning, punishment.


  1. Gordon —
    I am wishing more and more for a “sexual switch” we can turn off in our young people until they reach the age of 25. Let them find their own way first, get educated, earn some money and then deal with their unknown, wanton, sexual urgings.
    So many young lives have been lost in a moment of passion when they could’ve, perhaps, more freely explored the world around them instead of rightfully concentrating on the life they created.

  2. I thought “Sex on the Beach was a cocktail”
    Seriously though I agree wholeheartedly with your comments David – you know my feelings about relationships coming before sex – and not the other way around.

  3. Hi Nicola!
    Yes, I know we’ve been around this beach before, but there are always new examples to excoriate for new readers who may have missed our previous discussions.

  4. Well, bragging about sex like an achievement is the in-thing these days…the whole world is getting so substanceless gradually.

  5. @David: When you were young, did you think: “Oh, let’s wait till 25?” I don’t think so. Some people can’t wait this long and I think it’s ok, if they know what they’re doing. It really depends on the age of the daughter.
    Is it really that easy to get the wrong name on the iPhone? Especially with that kind of message I would doublecheck to whom I send it.

  6. I take your point, Bill, but an underage daughter is always going to get that response from a cogent father.
    Yes, it is really that easy to bungle a name on the iPhone with its “predictive text” that finishes names and words for you — and there’s no way to turn it off.

  7. David, I told my daughter the age she is allowed to have sex is 40.;-) But you and I know that age is a just a number.

  8. I like that a lot, Hanie! In the USA age only matters when you’re young. 17 is the agent of sexual consent in many places. You have to be 18 to vote, validate a contract and enter the military. You can’t buy alcohol until you’re 21. Anything 22 and above doesn’t count… so that’s when we stop counting…

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