Amnesty International is reporting a new security agreement between the USA and Iraq would lead to the torture of over 16,000 detainees:

Thousands of Iraqis detained by US forces
are at risk of torture or even execution, following the ratification of
a security agreement between the US and Iraqi governments. 
Under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), which will take effect on
31 December, around 16,000 prisoners held by the US will be transferred
to Iraqi custody. Those at particular risk include former Ba’ath party
officials or those who held posts under Saddam Hussain’s government.
“The Status of Forces Agreement does not provide any safeguards
whatsoever for prisoners transferred to Iraqi custody,” said Malcolm
Smart, Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa

“These prisoners will potentially be moving from the frying
pan into the fire. We receive persistent reports of gross human rights
violations – including torture – taking place in Iraqi prisons and
detention centres. The US must ensure that no one is transferred to
Iraq custody if they would face a real risk of torture or other human
rights violations.”

Is there an uncomfortable disconnect between mind and morality when the liberators become cohorts in torturing those they were liberating?