The Gay Men’s Health Crisis center is commemorating the twentieth anniversary of World Aids Day on December 1:

Most recently, the
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated a 40% increase of new HIV
infections in 2006, with fifty-three percent of new cases among men who
have sex with men and forty-five percent among African Americans.
Subsequently, New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
released a report which suggested the rates of HIV infections among New
Yorkers are three times higher than national rates.

This report clearly
indicates the need for more local involvement and from the city
government to work closely with community-based organizations, and for
increased funding for HIV/AIDS programs. GMHC reinforces its commitment
to a local response by continuing to provide prevention, care and
treatment services to those populations most impacted by the HIV/AIDS

GMHC has fought the brutal, thankless, necessary political and
emotional battles of winning over the proper hearts and minds to help defeat AIDS across the world. Each year brings new hope and a renewed shattering of expectation.