When University Learning and Alcohol Mix

University learning is not cheap. The annual fee for attending Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey is close to thirteen thousand dollars — for New Jersey residents who commute. For Princeton University students, it’s nearly forty thousand dollars per year. Why, then, would anyone even think about throwing away all that money for the purpose of getting drunk and in serious trouble when one can get drunk while not paying for every minute of every hour of every day through the nose?

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The Ibanez Artcore AG75 Review

Spending $3,000.00USD on a guitar — like the Eric Clapton Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster — can bankrupt a family when somebody just wants to start making music, so I set out to find the best electric guitar that cost 10 times less than the Clapton Custom.  I happened upon the Ibanez Artcore AG75 — the best guitar for the money at $300.00USD — and I invite you to find out why.

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American Express Does Fuzzy Math

It was May 9, 2010, and Delta Airlines had made it clear to me that they were not going to do the right thing and get me a new flight home.  I had to trek over to Jet Blue to get a ticket. Unfortunately, we sometimes make the biggest mistakes when we feel as though we are under the gun, so to speak.

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As Braille Dots Fade, Blind Illiteracy Builds

We know when an economy sours, the first to suffer are the children and the disabled. As technology ascends, we also see the rapid deceleration of literacy. Instead of full words, we get text speak. Instead of logical arguments, we are flooded with irrational comments. Instead of the Blind reading books in Braille, they “learn by listening” to audio books instead — and become illiterate in the process: The Blind can hear and respond sound, but they are unable to argue against to what they hear in written form.

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Double Price Butt Wiping

There’s nothing more gross, messy and revolting than realizing that taking care of your daily bathroom business is going to spank you double time in the wallet through no fault of your own — except for uninspired brand loyalty.  Here’s my favorite bathroom tissue:  Scott Rapid-Dissolving.  I like it because it works as advertised and it is smooth and silky.

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Medallions of Gold

If you want to run a taxi in New York City, it’s going to cost you $766,000.00USD to buy a medallion for the right to run that taxi.  That cost is up 126% from $339,000.00 in 2004.

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The Perpetual Poorhouse

First the car industry went bankrupt; next on the economic griddle — as argued in the Chronicle of Higher Education — is the rising astronomical cost of a university education that is about to burst a bloody mess upon us all.

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