How AI Art Extends Our Originality of Imagination

In the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Art, and NFT Art, there are some who believe that sort of machine-made Art is fakery, and it, therefore, does not quantify as an aesthetic effort, while others, like me, see the rise of AI in Art, and Writing, and Science, as only a good thing — at least for now, before AI inevitably becomes our Overlord — as our ability as a Human Race continues to find new ways extend our originality of imagination. Take, for example, the following set of images where I asked the Midjourney Bot V4, to create a “treehouse neighborhood in a big city.”

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The 2017 Oscars Debacle Proves No Heretical or Heuristic Difference Between Winning and Losing

The 2017 Oscars will be forever remembered as a debacle over naming the “Best Picture” in a mixup that was more human than mechanical, and for that pleasure, I’m grateful. We continue to prove, even in our dearest moments, we are not beyond the touch of the fallible, and that we are mortally are bound to fail — by proxy of The Gods — for even tempting to create beauty over form, and meaning over function.

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Different Versions of the Same Song

When a musician writes a song and plays the song with one instrumental configuration and then takes the same song and completely changes the instrumentation — adding numerous instruments or changing which ones are played — it is almost as though you are listening to a different song. Today I would like to show you the very same song — Too Much Time by John Vanderslice.

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Dog Poop and Staple Girl

Teaching can be treacherous if you don’t understand right from the start that your job is to facilitate discussions and get out of the way of the real teaching going on between students. Today, I am reminded of one student who taught me the power of a simple staple.

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The Incestuous Replication Meme

The internet as we know it will die a slow and elongated death as it loses its niches and every bit of information becomes merely incestuous replications of a single, original, truth:  Copying is easier than Creating.

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Creation Breeds Imitation

Aristotle taught us we learn through imitation.

If Aristotle is right, then we need to be wary with our adoration in imitation because modeling the behavior of the wrong person can imprint a life in awful and classically tragic ways.

The creative process is also inspired by Aristotle’s revelation.

We only create what we what we experience.  There are no new ideas.  Nothing is created from nothingness.

Every inspiration has a core.  Every idea has a pre-existing father.

Our job as artists is to conjoin separate, disparate, and outrageous existing ideas and present them as new thoughts that spark inspired learning processes in others.

We teach through surprise connections.

We learn because creation breeds imitation.