The internet as we know it will die a slow and elongated death as it loses its niches and every bit of information becomes merely incestuous replications of a single, original, truth:  Copying is easier than Creating.

In order to appease our unoriginal boredom, we forward, copy and send along information we get from others — an incestuous meme — but instead of adding our own insight to the original idea, we just push everything along, unchanged, into the immediate now and the forensic future.

That incestuous copying of information — instead of creating it — means the more we use the internet, the more we are duplicating an inherent sameness while pretending an intellectual homogeneity is something new.

What we are really doing is just celebrating stasis instead of creative, forward, movement.

Spammers, Twitter, Email — and even some blogs are, unfortunately — the prime sources for this incestuous replication of ideas.

Instead of thinking about the information along our fingers, we just forward, copy and re-Tweet ourselves to death and we end up drowning in circles of recognition instead of building temples to things we do not understand.

The cure is a tough task:  Say things in your own words; don’t forward; don’t copy; don’t plagiarize ideas, thoughts or movements — and, above all — always require of yourself the most original thought for the most engrossing problem.


  1. I see the need for our new blogs is even more pressing than I had originally thought! I shall endeavor to make more new stuff.

  2. Right, Gordon! Taking something established and giving it a new zing, insight or analysis makes the known unknown — and that helps build a greater depth of definition.

  3. Originality is the way of building a meaningful future, the quicker we realize it the better.

  4. SPOT ON – I think this might be my New Years Resolution – write more 🙂
    I never was any good at passing on those endless chain emails anyway.

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