Did you always want to pretend you were a real life law enforcement officer?  Now, you can login to the Texas Border Watch website and pretend you’re a real life Border Patrol agent by surveilling — via video cameras — all those nasty Mexicans trying to sneak their way in to the United States to drug up your daughters and work jobs no one else wants.

The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition (TBSC) has instituted the Texas Virtual Border Watch Program to enlist the public’s assistance in preventing crime along the Texas-Mexico border. This initiative provides real-time streaming video over a web-based network to enable the public to report suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement agency via email. Day and night surveillance cameras have been placed strategically throughout the border region to deny drug and human smugglers unobserved access to the U.S. by placing high-threat areas under public surveillance. The numbers and locations of these cameras will constantly change based on threat.

We find this virtual border surveillance a sad fact in the face of an unfortunate reality.

Unless and until the Obama administration can fix this sort of meaningless surveillance of innocent people by self-righteous Americans, we will more quickly begin to turn on each other, instead of dealing with the real threats to our freedom in Das Homeland: Job losses and a toxic economy.


  1. It certainly does invite action, Nicola. So these people are going to “watch” the border — and when they see something happening they’re just going to make a phone call? I think the want to punish will be a high motivator for even getting involved in the silly surveilling in the first place and that’s dangerous.

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