Clean Women and Christian Girls

A female friend of mine, fresh on the dating scene after a disengaged marriage, lamented the lack of an available good man.  She is offended by many of the online dating sites where available men list as a requirement a “clean woman” — which, I was told, is a code phrase that translates into a “woman who washes her private parts on a regular basis.”

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Violent Crime and American Football

I was looking at Google Trends the other day and something strange stood out to me: A rather unfamiliar name appeared three times in the top ten search result with two different spellings. I knew immediately that I had to do some kind of investigation to find out who this man was and why everyone was searching for information about him and the faux-celebrity known as Tila Tequila.

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All the Good Women are Taken

A friend of mine claims once a woman reaches the age of 21 she is free game for any free man even if she’s “taken.” His reasoning is if a woman is smart and talented and beautiful she will not be unattached long because a man will hunt her down and lock her up like his property in a relationship or a marriage.

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Kate: Chapter Seven

The following afternoon, Jean-Michel was sitting in a small café finishing a cup of Ceylon tea. He drank it with a bit of milk and two teaspoons of sugar. It was a small café, perhaps seating ten or twelve at most. Fortunately for Jean-Michel, there were not too many people in the café. The decoration was light, with an emphasis on light blue colors and geometric figures. One could interpret different images through the figures, as one might when looking at clouds. Jean-Michel had seen a pair of people figure skating – or was it a dog looking at a thin tree? It could probably be either, to whomever wanted them to be so.

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Musings on Mating

We sometimes look for qualities in searching for the “right person” to have a “meaningful” relationship with. If all the person has is one or two minute qualities, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to find the rest of them all too agreeable, as I found out through a little experience…

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