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The Gift of the Global Text Project

In the pursuit of higher education we vigilantly pursue every venue and opportunity — my mother and father regularly told me that you couldn’t put a price on good health or an education because education is one thing that cannot be taken away from you.

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Stealing from Dan Brown

If mega-author Dan Brown can’t protect his hardcopy books from the digital pirates — what hope is there for the rest of us in this new dawning of stealing books for profit?

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Scribd Encrypts Your eBook

Scribd — the most unpronounceable branding since — wants to encrypt your eBook and sell it for you — and for that favor they’ll take a 20% consignment fee for their role in the life of your book.

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Betrayed by the Kindle DX

I am confused — and betrayed — by the impending release of the Kindle DX.  I’m confused because I don’t really understand why this newer, better, version is being released now only months after the release of the Kindle 2.0; and I’m betrayed by the release of this newer, better version of the two Kindle 2.0s I bought in February.

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Killer Kindle 2 Review

A little over a year ago, I wrote my first Kindle review, and now it’s time for me to review the new Kindle 2 from Amazon.  I am amazed at some of the lousy reviews I’ve read so far of the Kindle 2 — not that the authors don’t like the device, they do — but rather because it’s obvious they have never really used a Kindle every single day as part of their information dissemination system.  I use my Kindle all day every day.  I pay my own way buying Kindles and content.  I apologize upfront for the awful iPhone 3G images of my Kindle — that’s the price we pay for quickness and speed in getting this review online.  You can still tell the differences between the first Kindle and the Next Generation, though.  The most obvious, and welcome, change in the Kindle 2 is the information bar is now at the top of the screen where it belongs so you can see, upfront, how your Whispernet internet signal is doing and the status of your battery!  Images on the Kindle 2 are also deeper and richer than the first iteration.

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Kate on the Kindle

I am very pleased to announce that after only a mere eight years in development, the novella Kate is available for purchase on the Kindle. The process has been rather long and difficult but well worth it.

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The Newspaper is Dead: Long Live the News!

The newsprint newspaper is DEAD!  Let it die!  Bury it.  Let the bugs and worms eat the decaying pulp and let’s move on with our lives and getting the news quick, fast, and deadly on the internet.  As an online author and itinerant publisher, it is delicious to watch the traditional media bandwagon crumble under the weight of their new irrelevancy.  They have their worry beads in hand and their self-flagellation in process and they aren’t waiting to sound their own public death knell on your front stoop and in your mailbox:

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