Kindle is Amazon’s new amazing e-book reader and it is a tremendous boon to authors everywhere because we can now, through Amazon’s network, directly publish our work for purchase.

You need to buy a Kindle — RIGHT NOW! — if you haven’t already to help build the device niche and to help propel the buying habits of your readers into the electronic age of virtual ink.

Is the essence of a book its pages and ink or is a book more the ideas and passion that are shared between minds?

We need to embrace technology like the Kindle that pushes the
publication power back into our hands and out of the clutches of
disreputable publishers who may or may not ever pay us a penny of

With Kindle as our kin, we can set our own writing agendas without
worrying about conventionality or censorship, and we can take control
of our past properties and future perpetuations.

Kindle is the author’s best friend and it doesn’t matter what it
looks like or how it works — it is the idea of the Kindle that frees
us and empowers us and celebrates us as new powerhouses of not only
ideas — but now also as muscle in the marketplace.

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