The Glass House is Epic Awfulness

I am a big fan of the Big Brother reality show.  ABC-TV, using castoff Big Brother producers, aired their copycat show last night called — “The Glass House” — and it is an awful and pale program in comparison with the original inspiration.

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CrashPlan Crashes and Burns

I have to say it takes a certain amount of guts to name your cloud computing backup service “CrashPlan” — because if your service doesn’t work, you’re going to get lots of snarky headlines like the one you see for this article.

Last night, at around 10:30pm, I downloaded and installed CrashPlan on my Mac and now, over 12 hours later, and after only having 1.1GB uploaded out of a 152GB total, I’ve given up on the service and I removed my content — I think, I hope! … there’s no way to actually preserve your privacy and delete your account or confirm actual machine deletion — and I wholly removed the CrashPlan software from my beloved MacBook Air.

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Computer Glitch Makes AMEX Serve an EPIC FAIL!

Today is April Fool’s Day, but what I am about to share with you has nothing do to with getting fooled — it is all too real and too corporate to rake any fun.  When American Express recently announced their Serve payment service for exchanging money, I was happy to sign up, just as I had done with Square last November.  I gave AMEX my banking information, a credit card and other personal identifying information.  After confirming two deposits in my bank account, I decided to take the next test step and transfer $10 from my bank account to my Serve account.  Oh, the woe that is me!

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The Gibson Firebird X is a Burning Flop!

UPDATE: December 7, 2010
Gibson have done the Firebird brand even worse with the new “Flood Swirl” color scheme that looks like something you’d find at the bottom the Gibson factory floor — or an unflushed toilet.  The new colors — Redolution and Blue-volution — yes, that’s really the names of the swirls, appears to replace the previously announced orange scheme.

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz revealed his new “revolutionary” $5,500.00USD Firebird X robot guitar guitar today in New York City — and the sound of sweat flop dripping from his brow was overwhelming.  Not since the disastrous introduction of the SG Zoot Suit in the Summer of 2009 did we have such enormous pity for what was once such a grand and innovative company.

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