As a two-decades long Vegan, I do my best to eat the right things, live the right way, and participate in the right fights. I am, however, confounded by the anti-GMO reactions of some people who claim to want to live a better, healthier, life. GMO — Genetically Modified Organisms — has been the prime directive of the food chain in America, and the world, for centuries. The anti-GMO-ers remind me of the anti-vaxxers who refuse to recognize the successful results of science, and technology, only because the facts do not support their paranoid worldview.

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Have You Seen the New Cigarette Pack Warning Labels?

The new, visual, warning labels on cigarette packs are both alarming and necessary.  The graphic images demonstrate the results of smoking on the body, and if we ever hope to become a wholly healthy nation, we need to fight our tobacco addiction.

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The Amazing Molecular Test for Hepatitis C

Viral Hepatitis C (HCV) is a devastating disease.  It is the number one cause of liver cancer and often leads to the need for a liver transplant.

A national survey found that 1.8 percent of Americans – about 3.9 million – have been infected with HCV, and most – about 3.2 million – are chronically infected, with many showing no signs or symptoms. As many as ¬ 80 percent of HCV infections reported each year are chronic, and some 20 percent of chronic infections progress to cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) over 20 to 30 years.

The FDA has just approved a RealTime PCR test from Abbott to measure the viral load of Hepatitis in the body.  That is tremendous scientific news because now we have a low level way of discovering, and then treating, Hepatitis on a molecular level.  Here’s how:

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Relational Retinal Design and the Aesthetics of Food Labels

We learn through our minds, and we take warnings through our senses.  When you want to give quick, concise, information to the human eye with a cultured aesthetic, you use bright colors, and a relational retinal design to drive context that creates meaning.  In the image below, you see the new food label packaging the FDA is proposing for all processed American foods.  You are immediately confused looking at the information.  Are those too many calories or just the right amount for what you’re about to put in your mouth?  You have to calculate your own “DV” maximum percentage for “Sat Fat” and “Sodium.”  You’re left to wonder what the “DV” for 14g of “Sugars” really means in the big picture.

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