Top Ten Things We Want to Fix

UPDATE:  May 24, 2010.  I think I found a better #10 tonight than the current “Bodily Fluids” theme — so we’ll now make the former #10, #9a.  Read on for the rest of the update below!

In our — Top Ten Things We Love About — article, we gave you the things we found to fondly appreciate after a two-year leave of absence.  Now, after being back in the sack again for a week or so, we’re going to give you the doppelganger for that article in this review of the Top Ten Things We Want to Fix… in no particular order.

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How to Fix a Script

Scripts are written to be broken.  Scripts get shattered in process by misunderstood meaning, poor plot development and shoddy character formation — and that’s all before a director even reads the thing! 

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3G is Broken on the iPhone 3G

I have been loving my new iPhone 3G a lot — but after the recent 2.0.2 upgrade that was supposed to “fix” the 3G voice and data problems on at&t, I am beginning to taste the sting of a bitter lemon from Apple.

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I am a Plumber Not a Painter

In one of my many lives, I am a Script Doctor — but I call myself a Script Professor because I think that editorial and writing process should be evolutionary and not surgical if you really want to provide an everlasting value for the money spent.

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How to Fix Google

Well all love The Google. We all use The Google every day in some way. We want more Google. The GoogleThat said… nothing is perfect, not even Google.

What bothers you about The Google Empire?

If you could wave your magic wand over Mountain View and fix some stuff for Google, what would you fix and why?

I’ll go first and these fixes focus mainly on Google Apps for Your Domain Premier Edition.

You should feel free to bring up anything Google you wish to fix.

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