I have been loving my new iPhone 3G a lot — but after the recent 2.0.2 upgrade that was supposed to “fix” the 3G voice and data problems on at&t, I am beginning to taste the sting of a bitter lemon from Apple.

Before the wretched 2.0.2 “upgrade” my iPhone 3G worked okay on the at&t network.  While I didn’t have a strong 3G signal, my EDGE signal was enough to make the upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 worthwhile.

As I now struggle to get any sort of reliable data connection on EDGE or 3G, I am starting to wonder what is wrong with Apple and why they are propagating such uncertainty into the world of their new 3G iPhone.

If there’s a problem with the antenna in the iPhone 2.0, the class action suit against Apple will wring that truth from the corps — but why wrestle this into court?  If Apple would only give us precise details about their plans for a fix, we would be happy and patient. 

What really irks our chain is when at&t and Apple are both silent about the root of the problem — it’s as if they’ve concocted some sort of unholy pact to protect each other instead of providing us with a robust and reliable 3G signal.

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  1. I’ll take the hit, Anne. There are a lot of problems rotting in the Apple core. I’m sorry if you feel I mislead you — but I’m in the same misery boat with you!

  2. UPDATE:
    The 2.1 update arrived from Apple today and it’s no good. No improvement in 3G connectivity. The mask if off. The iPhone 3G does not work as advertised for me.