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Kate on the Kindle

I am very pleased to announce that after only a mere eight years in development, the novella Kate is available for purchase on the Kindle. The process has been rather long and difficult but well worth it.

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A World We Will Never Know

If our moral duty is to help prepare our children to live in the future without us — how are we able to sustain that teaching without a place in that world?

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An American Election

If you live in the United States, and if you are registered to vote — we urge you to stand in line all day if you have to, and cast a vote for Barack Obama — to win back what was lost.

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Chasing a Receding Horizon

It is human nature to press ahead and chase what we can never catch.  For all of human existence we have been obsessed with the horizon and what riches and wonders wait for us just beyond the ken of its bend.

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On Turning Thirty

I think I can pinpoint the moment the madness began. It was about six or seven years ago in my mother’s family room, and I was watching an episode of Ally McBeal. It was the episode where Ally was freaking out because she was turning thirty and she was really upset because she felt like she hadn’t accomplished a lot of the goals she had set for herself at that age.

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Round Obsession: An Edgeless Future

RoundThe other day I read an article discussing how, when architecture students are asked to design a “City of the Future,” they always draw round structures.

It seems having corners is “too old fashioned” and not “forward thinking” enough.

That design flaw — that only Round is good — is a stereotype that has been embedded in the young designers by popular culture and not by appropriate future need.

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Condemned by the Past and Dead in the Future

If we insist on looking for something of value in this war, then maybe it is this: Maybe we finally have the painful knowledge that we can never again believe everything our leaders tell us. For years they told us one thing while they did another. They said we were winning while we were losing. They said we were getting out while we were going in. They said the end was near when it was far.

Maybe the next time somebody says that our young men must fight and die somewhere, we will not take their word that it is for a worthy cause. Maybe we will ask them to spell it out for us, nice and slow, nice and clear. And maybe the people in power will have learned that the people of this country are no longer willing to go marching off without having their questions answered first…. If we haven’t, then we are as empty and cold as the intersection of Madison and State.

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