Big Brother 13 Live on iOS

One of my Summer rituals is watching Big Brother online and this year’s iteration started last night.  I enjoy studying the live interaction of the houseguests.  This year, Big Brother 13, is unique because the Real SuperPass is finally now viewable on iOS devices — for an extra $10.00USD fee, of course — but that extra money to watch the feeds on your iPhone and iPad is worth every cent.  One of the twists this year is the return of “power couples” including Brendan and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan and Evel Dick and his Daughter Danielle.

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Reviewing Jeff Beck's Emotion and Commotion

Jeff Beck is a great guitarist and musician.  He found his first musical success in The Yardbirds when he replaced Eric Clapton.  Beck then brought in Jimmy Page to play bass for the ‘Birds.  Jeff Beck didn’t find as much commercial success as Clapton and Page — probably because he didn’t sing or tie himself to a lead singer in a band — yet he still survives and thrives in the music scene as a major force majeure.  Jeff Beck’s latest album — “Emotion & Commotion” — was released this week.

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Three Words You Never Say to a Woman

Janna and I have been watching Big Brother 11 slowly recover from its infection of vile players — especially recently “expelled” Chima who wanted to have sex with a “terrorist” because she was bored before she falsely labeled him as such — and we have enjoyed the rise of “good-hearted” and the “non-schemers” into power.  However, with power comes a closer examination, and current power couple Jeff and Jordan are already sounding relationship alarms even as they share the same bed.

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