One of my Summer rituals is watching Big Brother online and this year’s iteration started last night.  I enjoy studying the live interaction of the houseguests.  This year, Big Brother 13, is unique because the Real SuperPass is finally now viewable on iOS devices — for an extra $10.00USD fee, of course — but that extra money to watch the feeds on your iPhone and iPad is worth every cent.  One of the twists this year is the return of “power couples” including Brendan and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan and Evel Dick and his Daughter Danielle.

Yes, that’s Danielle Donato below with Rachel.  Dani gave up her bleached blonde look for her more natural dark beauty.

Danielle is already at a tremendous disadvantage because, after only a few days in the house, her father, Evel Dick, is no longer playing Big Brother.  It appears Dick was removed overnight so he could fly to Colorado to tend to a personal emergency.  The internet rumor cruft machine suggests Dick’s love interest may have fallen ill and he quit the show to be by her side.

If you’ve only watched Big Brother on television, you are missing 90% of “The Show” — because all the real wheeling and dealing is done all day and all night long in the house — and the only way to keep up on all the evil scheming is to watch the live feeds on your computer or iOS device or Android phone.

Big Brother is about analyzing how people react in real time to artificial pressures they place on each other and that the producers purposefully inflict on them.  The idea of the show is to keep the players guessing and hope the houseguests become paranoid and question every move made and disbelieve every sentence uttered by others.

In order to find success on Big Brother you have to lose yourself in the game and check your emotional morality at the front door.  Good people never win Big Brother, because in order to win the half a million dollar prize, you have to actively deceive those around you and you have to break ever sworn allegiance in order to preserve the self.  Big Brother is purely about greed and exaggerated ego — and that’s what makes the bloodbath so fascinating, and sad, to watch from afar.


    1. People have a lot of fun with “Evel Dick” — because he happily is one — and he is all the other silly other names you can come up with to spoof that name, too.

      Android has a natural SuperPass App, while iOS users will just rely on using Safari on iOS. The feeds look great on iOS, though. No complaints here. They stream for me in HD quality.

  1. Sorry guys but I cringe whe “Big Brother” is mentioned. It is perhaps my generation or my work history but every since that jerk from The Netherlands created the idea and started it, I personally believe we have lowered the quality level of our gene-pool to that of “nosey-gossip-intrussionists”, which in turn is just a slight level above “”farce-enjoying-banalists and yet miles below “never-ending-soap-opera-watchers”.

    My view, I believe, was confirmed when only this January John de Mole, the creator of the idea in the first place admitted that his only intention was to see people either have a punch up or sex. What he discovered was that he could make humanity slip backwards by bringing out the nosiness and intrusiveness that people like. The only good thing is that it is better than war or terrorism.

    Now having said that, celebrity Big Brother is another game altogether, worse of course!

    A last comment, I am a techo-ignorant, are you saying you live-stream this stuff onto your phones? May I suggest you walk your dog or go jogging (smile)?

    Damien Charles QC

    1. Hello Fringe!

      Yes, you’re right about everything you said. Bad Brother is sad. The UK version is different than the USA version, though. The USA version is slicker, faster, and more of a game show than just sitting around in a house. There are competitions and votes and vetoes and other assorted assignments that go on throughout the day.

      Yes, having the life feeds stream to our iPads and iPhones and Android phones is great because now we can watch “on the go” without having to be tethered to our home computers. SMILE! We can still jog and walk the dog and watch BB13 without skipping a beat!

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