John Mayer and a lot of Hoodoo about Nothing to Undo

I have always believed we must live our lives and make decisions based on insufficient evidence we have in hand and then live with the consequences of those uninformed responses.  I do not believe in regret.  Regret is poison.  Regret is emotional and intellectual suicide that decays the body from within.  Reflecting on a reflexive life is different than regret.  We must reflect in order to know what not to do in the future.

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8-String Guitar Player Charlie Hunter

Charlie Hunter is an amazing guitar player.  He’s most famous for playing an 8-string guitar with John Mayer.  Sometimes he plays a 7-string guitar.  His latest album — Public Domain — is a ton of magical fun as you listen to Charlie take on all the old musical standards that are now in the Public Domain while simultaneously playing the bass line and the melody on a non-6-string guitar.

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Reconsidering John Mayer

I was never really a big John Mayer fan.  From what little I knew about him, he was an EMO guitar player who dated Jessica Simpson, bad-mouthed Jennifer Aniston and talked about his “White Supremacist” penis in print.

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