Charlie Hunter is an amazing guitar player.  He’s most famous for playing an 8-string guitar with John Mayer.  Sometimes he plays a 7-string guitar.  His latest album — Public Domain — is a ton of magical fun as you listen to Charlie take on all the old musical standards that are now in the Public Domain while simultaneously playing the bass line and the melody on a non-6-string guitar.

Here’s Charlie performing — Recess — on an 8-string Novax guitar:

Here’s the information on that $3,300.00 Novax guitar:

The Charlie Hunter 8-string guitar is a result of the collaborative design efforts of Charlie Hunter and Ralph Novak. All critical specifications – scale lengths, electronics and pickups, string spacing and neck dimensions – are the same as Charlie Hunter’s current instrument. Charlie and Ralph perfected this 8-string guitar by investing years of careful analysis of numerous prototypes. This unique instrument allows you to drive the rhythm section with solid, deep bass while comping or soloing rich guitar riffs at the same time, live. Both registers have clarity and tone unmatched by conventionally fretted instruments thanks to the Fanned-Fret® system. Now, you can explore new musical horizons offered only by the Charlie Hunter 8-string.

Charlie plays — Ain’t We Got Fun — from his Public Domain album on a delectable 7-string Jeff Traugott “Model RGE” guitar:

If you have $26,500.00USD, you too, could own a Traugott guitar:

Traugott Guitars is, by choice, a one-person shop. As such, production is limited, which allows me to attend to every detail personally. In this environment, production cannot speed up to meet increased demand which may result in a waiting list.

To place an order, a non-refundable $5000 payment must be received. The final balance will be due three weeks prior to shipping. This payment is a combination design consultation fee and is used to purchase all materials including the case.

My current price is $26,500. This includes Brazilian Rosewood, German Spruce and a custom deluxe case. See my Options page for specific pricing on custom details.

I love Charlie Hunter and I am especially fond of the fantastic guitars he is able to play above and beyond the standard 6-string.  Give Charlie a listen and let us know what you think — and if you ever buy one of the guitars he plays, please leave us your thoughts about the sound here in the comments.


  1. Well that was truly amazing. I had no idea there were 7 and 8 string guitars. I know about 6 and 12 but not the others. Are the strings different?

    1. I don’t have one of those cool guitars, but it looks to me like the extra strings are on the bass side. It looks like bass pickups and bass strings are being used.

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