On July 11, 2007, I wrote an article — Contrails into Chemtrails: Are We Being Poisoned From the Sky? — where I posited the notion that something strange was going on in the sky above us:

As we cock our heads skyward to wonder at the jets above us and the beautiful plumes of white they leave behind as godly evidence of their whirlwind trip into the heavens, there are some scientists who believe we are being slowly poisoned by those white plumes — those contrails — by chemicals that are being seeded into the sky in those beautiful, twisting, tufts of man-made trailing clouds.

Intrepid Urban Semiotic reader and commenter Alison Hermosillo took me up on my offer to get in touch:

I found your site on a “purposely made contrail” search I did a few minutes. I live in Guadalajara in Mexico. I have just recently (about a month ago) become aware of patterned lines in the sky. I don’t know much on the subject, but I do in fact believe this:

1- It is a new sky effect, this wasn’t happening before and it’s characteristics (parallel or crossed lines, during a lapse of time during the day) make me think it is NOT a natural event, but man-made.

2- Since it is man-made, and I know planes, airplane fuel and permits to fly aren’t cheap, I know that somebody MUST be spending a lot of money to do this.

To me it leaves 2 possible options: Either someone RICH is doing something really GOOD, for altruistic reasons OR someone is doing something very BAD for evil reasons. Mexico does not have the money or the smarts to be engineering these things, so why are we seeing this here?

Here are Alison’s images taken in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Here are some more contrail sky shots from Alison:

The third image is especially strange.

What do you think?  Are these just common contrails emanating from jet airliners, or is something more deceptive going on here?


  1. I’m concerned that if I read too many chemtrails web sites (there are many out there) I will start wearing tin foil hats to protect my brain from government mind reading. It’s always disturbing when we think that larger organizations are up to No Good.

  2. My brother is a big supporter of the chemtrail theory. I am undecided, myself, however I can’t deny that the long tails were not there was I was a child (Like all kids in rural nowhere we used to run outside and point up at the sky “Airplane!”). Whether it something more sinister, or just some kind of change in fuel/the way the airplanes operate/etc, I’m not sure. But, I’ve also come across some bizarre instances of them:

    (the picture is a bit dark, but there are four of them criss crossing in a diamond shape – it’s from Missouri, near Bolivar)

    close up od one:

    these are from Virginia:



    I take a lot of cloud photographs, and more than once these things have ruined my shots. I tend to either skip it 9with a load of cursing) or else have to painstakingly clone brush the things out.

    1. Wowser, Joleene, those are some beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them with us.

      I find these chemtrails most disturbing when there are more than one visible at the same time and they crisscross and make definite patterns in the sky that reflect the topology of the landscape below as if something is being seeded from above.

  3. They look like ordinary shakes that airplanes make. I’m not sure I understand why people are getting upset.

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