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Preserving Greatness with the Kindle

What is the value of a digital, virtual, collectible? Is something really rare and valuable if it can be digitally cloned with no difference whatsoever between the original and the clone?

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Do eBook Authors Need Agents and Publishers?

Yesterday, SuperAgent Matt Wagner Tweeted a link to Peter Osnos’ take on eBooks.  Is SuperAgent Wagner oddly tooting his own funeral dirge?  Or is Matt Wagner sensing an opportunity on the horizon the rest of us are unable to envision?

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Amazon Online Reader Review

I love my Kindle book reader but I also, finally, took the plunge to discover the Amazon Online Reader.  If you haven’t used this online service from Amazon yet, you should “upgrade your eligible books” to include the Online Reader version — especially if you’re doing hard research — because you can search the entire book and set a bookmark and you own the book for the rest of your life online:

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Infringing on the Amazon Mark: Kindle Websites

Amazon has a winner in the Kindle e-book
and that kind of success demands imitators who want to make money off
the Kindle brand by creating source websites or fan pages by using some
form of a Kindle-ized URL.  Amazon is forced by these
pretend fans to fight them in legal letters and in a court of law, if
necessary, because to use the Kindle trademark without explicit
permission from Amazon is to infringe upon the innate rights of Amazon.

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Why Amazon Takes Sixty-Five Percent

Some amateur authors are bemoaning the fac Amazon takes a 65% cut of your Kindle-published book sales.

What those inexperienced authors fail to realize is a normal hardcopy publisher will take a 94-90% cut of the price of your book as payment to recover the cost of creating and printing your book and as the means of making a profit off your words.

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My Kingdom for a Kindle or Two or Six!

The $400.00USD Amazon Kindle eReader sold out in less than five hours on its debut day November 20th. The next batch sold out even quicker — I was lucky to get one delivered Friday — and the third batch of Kindles will not be available for purchase until after December 25th.

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Kindle Makes Authors Publishers!

Kindle is Amazon’s new amazing e-book reader and it is a tremendous boon to authors everywhere because we can now, through Amazon’s network, directly publish our work for purchase.

You need to buy a Kindle — RIGHT NOW! — if you haven’t already to help build the device niche and to help propel the buying habits of your readers into the electronic age of virtual ink.

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