Some amateur authors are bemoaning the fac Amazon takes a 65% cut of your Kindle-published book sales.

What those inexperienced authors fail to realize is a normal hardcopy publisher will take a 94-90% cut of the price of your book as payment to recover the cost of creating and printing your book and as the means of making a profit off your words.

These non-professional authors complain about receiving a 35%
royalty on a book they upload and on a book on which they set the

Here’s why you pay Amazon 65% to sell your book on Kindle:

  • Kindle is a closed platform — you have to pay something to play
  • Your book is stored on the Amazon servers
  • Amazon advertises your book
  • Amazon indexes your book
  • Amazon provides search returns that can include your book
  • Amazon collects your book purchases and pays you
  • Amazon allows you to publish your book with them
  • Amazon is the cutting edge of self-publication
  • Amazon cuts out traditional publishers and agents

As you can see, publishing your book on Amazon Kindle is a steal: 

For the author!

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