As Braille Dots Fade, Blind Illiteracy Builds

We know when an economy sours, the first to suffer are the children and the disabled. As technology ascends, we also see the rapid deceleration of literacy. Instead of full words, we get text speak. Instead of logical arguments, we are flooded with irrational comments. Instead of the Blind reading books in Braille, they “learn by listening” to audio books instead — and become illiterate in the process: The Blind can hear and respond sound, but they are unable to argue against to what they hear in written form.

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Doing the Hundreds

There is great power in the semiotic image.  Sometimes it is simpler to grasp a complex idea with a simple vector graphic.  Here’s the seminal work of the “World of 100” and as you can see in the image below, only one person in a village of 100 would have a college education.

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Voting Shared Interests

In America, we have been trained to believe in the idea of “one person one vote” and that every vote counts. Forget, for a moment, the 2004 Presidential election where the Supreme Court discounted counting all votes cast, and go with me a bit as I affirm the defeatist cry “one vote doesn’t matter.”

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