There is great power in the semiotic image.  Sometimes it is simpler to grasp a complex idea with a simple vector graphic.  Here’s the seminal work of the “World of 100” and as you can see in the image below, only one person in a village of 100 would have a college education.

In this image, 86 out of 100 villagers can read — pressing forward our wondering if reading and understanding are innate or a product of one’s advanced education.

Here’s the official blurp for the site:

This is a self-initiated project based on the scenario – If the world were a village of 100 people. There are a few different versions of this text in circulation about the world’s statistics. I found the data very striking and neatly summarises the world that we live in. So I used information graphics to re-tell the story in another creative way. I designed a set of 20 posters, which contain most of the information. I used simple vector graphics that related to a statistic in order to present the information in the simplest and most accessible way.

We love the association of information and images and we encourage you to visit the World of 100 for more eye-pleasing data.


  1. That is a great web site, David. Thank you for pointing it out for us. 🙂

  2. Very fascinating David! Thanks for letting us know…and thanks for the strikingly informative approach!

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