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Republicans Branding Black Stereotypes

Is the Republican Party in the USA Racist? Are the GOP — “The Grand Old Party” — kind to Blacks and other minorities, or is their entire purpose and strategy to demonize Blacks and win elections off their backs while only pretending to want and welcome Black skin into power?

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Jena is No Selma and the Politics of Boredom

The march on Jena, Louisiana yesterday is being compared by some in the Black community as a “modern day” march on Selma, Alabama in 1965 and Jena is serving as a political sounding board for Jesse Jackson to accuse Barack Obama of “Acting White” for not supporting the “Jena 6.”

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White Like Them: Obama Caught Not Being Black

We already know Barack Obama has a castrating wife and the pain of public observation grew even more extreme as Jesse Jackson recently accused Barack Obama of “acting White.”

Now we must wonder if being born into Black skin is enough to be considered “Black” in America — or does the droplet still triumph in the polling place?

Or is there a behavior and an attitude that must be sustained in order to carry out the wishes, dreams and hopes of the “Black” experience that defines a man beyond the blood?

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Mixed Martial Arts: The Bloodthirsty Bloodsport

Sanctioned violence and public beatings have always been the intended, unofficial, delight for those who follow Bloodsport that started with fox hunting and cock fighting and progressed into major mainstream sports like American football, hockey and boxing.

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One Year Master

There is a curious phenomenon going on in Higher Education today: The One Year Master’s Degree. Ten years ago a Master’s degree meant something and required a two or three year commitment to be in class, on campus, in a traditional brick-and-mortar university.

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Celebrity Semiotic: The Bad Parenting of Paris Hilton

As a cogent and mindful people we are faced, once again, with the inappropriate disparity between rich and famous and the poor and unknown. I call this disconnect: The Celebrity Semiotic.

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Despair Makes Cowards Courageous

Do we live in a world led by Heroes or cowards?
There’s an old proverb — “Despair Makes Cowards Courageous” — that has grand resonance in today’s social and political climate.
Clifford — in King Henry VI Part 3 — suggests:

So cowards fight when they can fly no further;
So doves do peck the falcon’s piercing talons;
So desperate thieves, all hopeless of their lives,
Breathe out invectives ‘gainst the officers.

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